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Banh Hoi is a popular dish in Vietnam, and it seems that every region is proud to see this as a special dish of their homeland. The most common is spread onions and served with roasted pork, especially on weddings, ceremonies or death anniversaries. If it's the full moon day, many people make variations using vegetarian asked cake served with chives.

Banh hoi and vermicelli have a similar cooking method, but asked cake is more meticulous and elaborate. From rice flour to create each exquisite cake requires a rhythmic coordination between the two. Cake catcher people put on hand the size of a banana leaf, catch the bottom of the mold when the dough is pressed, then move the banana leaf with the hand to make the cake dough into a regular and beautiful shape then bring it into the basket  steam for about 5 minutes is cooked.

To enhance the delicious taste of asked cake and sauces are equally important in creating a refreshing taste for the dish. Pick up a piece of “banh hoi” roll it into a piece of roasted pork or baked rolls, add a layer of lettuce, finally dip it in the cup of sweet and sour fish sauce and slowly feel the pleasure of touching the tip of the tongue. 

Currently, in addition to being used for weddings, festivals or death anniversary, “banh hoi”is also considered as a light snack and even in the family's daily meals.

Phương Anh